Who is StingUs?

Launched in the summer of 1999, we started trying to bridge the gap that was left after the DSA (Dutch Sting Association) announced they were to stop their activities at the end of that year. Together with the start of the new Dutch fanclub StingUs (also with a fanzine), we wanted to go even further and therefore decided to also bring all news in Dutch online via the website Stingus.com Mid 2000, we also started bringing (exclusive) news in English on an almost daily basis.

Mid 2001, we changed servers and provider and moved to Stingus.net where we have been residing ever since. Furthermore, 2001 was the year that StingUs launched its weekly Sting-Newsletter.

2001, 2002 and 2003 have also been marked by some contests we organised: 25 free tickets to Sting’s 2001 Enschede concert in the Netherlands, 35 free Cinema Italiano CDs for the European and USA fans, several promo CD-singles and full CDs for the Dutch fanclub members, 10 free Chris Botti DVDs for the US fans, 5 Whenever I say your name CD-singles, limited DVD/CD press kits from Sacred love, etc. More can be expected in future.

In September 2003, a first step was taken in changing StingUs into a portal, and by the end of January 2005, StingUs was completely database-driven with many new community features.

In January 2014, we decided it was time to further incorporate social media, as the focus was increasingly put on our Facebook and Twitter pages to ensure quick and correct news, and to benefit from direct contact with the fanbase.

In February 2020 our 50000 likes Facebook page was removed by Facebook without any reason, and this necessitated a restart of our FB presence at https://www.facebook.com/groups/stingus (closed group).

Bound by no management or music company, we have tried to bring all news we can find about Sting and affiliated artists. We intend to continue doing so with the help of a vast team of people helping and providing us with news. We would therefore especially like to thank Bernard, Mr. D, Magda and Markus. Also a big “thank you” to Alain, Andrea, Fabien, Fred, Giovanni, Jeremy, Marisa, Martin, Steve, Craig, etc. who have been extremely helpful.

Karel Van Isacker