Andy Summers Signature Model Martin Guitar Andy is the cover story in the recent issue of Acoustic Guitar Magazine, and has him posing with his self-designed Martin signature series Andy Summers guitar (see picture on the left). The article features several more pictures. An attentive reader spotted a very interesting mention, in a little blurb attached to the article, of a cover of Every Breath You Take: “Police songs have been covered by everyone from Alanis Morrisette and Anthrax to UB40 and frank Zappa. ‘Recently I got this album, Policia,’ (The Militia Group, Summers says. ‘It has about 12 different bands doing Police covers. My one criticism of the record is that it gets too heavy, so all the subtlety and all the little weird stuff we did gets lost in this massive, sheet-of-sound modern production. But there’s a version of EBYT on there (by an English band called, ironically, Copeland) that is really fantastic. They do it slowly, like a ballad, and they’ve completely reharmonized it. It’s a knockout. I might actually write to these guys and say congratulations.'”
(Thanks Holly!)

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