Andy Summers & Rob Giles

Andy Summers, whose distinctive guitar play helped shape the sound of The Police, has found a new musical partner in L.A. songwriter Rob Giles. The duo, going under the moniker Circa Zero, have completed work on their as-yet-untitled ten-song debut and will be announcing a spring release date and series of live dates soon. The Los Angeles-based Summers, a fan of Giles’ band The Rescues, met up with the singer/songwriter and the two began writing songs together, a process Giles describes to Direct Current as “a lot of fun” and an opportunity to creatively have “the freedom to do what we want to do”. Summers and Giles are currently looking to expand to a trio on the road with the addition of a touring drummer, a role the multi-instrumentalist Giles took on in the studio. “We definitely want to go out and play,” Summers tells BILLBOARD. “The songs are great, very strong pop/rock, lyrical. Rob has a killer voice. So it’s been fun. I’m looking forward to having a go with it.”

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