image Well, it seems the French record shop FNAC announced to sell a new The Police Anthology triple CD album from 17 September on. The set contains 50 songs and is entitled “The 50 greatest song’s – The Police”. The tracklist is as following:

Disc 1:
1 Roxanne, 2 Next To You, 3 Hole In My Life, 4 Peanuts, 5 Can?t Stand Loosing You, 6 Truth Hurts Everybody, 7 Born In The 50?s, 8 Regatta De Blanc, 9 Message In A Bottle, 10 It?s Alright For You, 11 Bring On the Night, 12 Deathwish, 13 King Of Pain, 14 Tea In The Sahara, 15 I Burn For You, 16 Every Breath You Take (live), 17 Wrapped Around Your Fingers (live)

Disc 2:
1 Walking On The Moon, 2 The Bed?s Too Big Without You, 3 Contact, 4 Does Everyone Stare, 5 No Time This Time, 6 Visions Of The Night, 7 Don?t Stand So Close To Me, 8 Driven To Tears, 9 When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best Of What Is Still Around, 10 Bombs Away, 11 ? De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, 12 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic, 13 Behind My Camel, 14 Man In A Suitcase, 15 Synchronicity I, 16 Fall Out (live), 17 Landlord (live)

Disc 3:
1 Every Breath You Take, 2 Secret Journey, 3 Murder By Numbers, 4 Someone To Talk To, 5 Invisible Sun, 6 So Lonely, 7 Demolition Man, 8 Spirits In The Material World, 9 Synchronicity II, 10 Wrapped Around Your Fingers, 11 Darkness, 12 Miss Gradenko, 13 Rehumanize Yourself, 14 O My God, 15 Can?t Stand Loosing You (live), 16 Don?t Stand So Close To Me ?86 (new version)

Source: The Police al Perú

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