Set to kick off April 1 2005 in San Jose, California, the tour will feature Sting on bass and vocals, Dominic Miller on guitar, guitarist Shane Fontayne (Bruce Springsteen, Lone Justice) and drummer Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle). According to Launch Radio Networks, Freese told Reuters, “I’m a little bit more on the rock side of things than on the sophisticated jazz-pop side of things. But I’m not going to go out and be overpowering — if anything I’ll tone it down a bit at first so I don’t freak anybody out.”

Comment: If the 2 months of shows prove successful, maybe Sting and his new band should consider touring Europe as well because this has been rather a “USA-Sacred Love Tour” so far…

In order to get better acquainted with Shane Fontayne and Josh Freese, following interviews will help for sure.

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