As her book is about to be released her website is equally being re-done ((it’s all in development, but there are photos with sting, some comments, and you can order the forthcoming book).
imageCherry Vanilla’s book entitled “Lick Me” will be out on November 1, 2010. Her story will end with The Police in April 1977 (20 pages are dedicated to her time with The Police).
Cherry Vanilla (born Kathy Dorritie) is a publicist, singer-songwriter and early 1970s Glam rock star. She has worked as David Bowie?s publicist and previously also performed in Andy Warhol’s stage show Pork. Vanilla was the first female to front a rock band on the NY scene, ahead of Patti Smith and Blondie. Her high profile in NY was the impetus for Miles Copeland to invite her to England, using her as allure to attract attention to the then unknown band, The Police. The Cherry Vanilla Band consisted originally of bassist Gordon “Sting” Sumner and drummer Stewart Copeland.

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