Communists of Petersburg and the Leningrad Region have branded Sting a dangerous drug pusher and public enemy. “In April 2010, Mister Sting publicly called for ‘the worldwide legalisation of marijuana'”, the group said in a statement. “Not only communists, but everyone in favour of a healthy way of life, the strengthening of our nation’s culture and tradition must understand that such a figure, however talented screaming teens may consider him, cannot appear on stage in the Russian Federation.” The statement rebuked the police for failing to arrest Sting at a concert earlier this month in St Petersburg. Describing Sting as a “leading” proponent of drug use, the group said that by refusing to arrest him, the police were “pushing our children toward the hell of degeneration.” The group is not affiliated with the much larger Russian Communist Party, and is known for strong criticisms of celebrities and their lavish lifestyles.
Source: Russian news agency RIA Novosti, The Telegraph

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