Documentary DVD of 1982 Glen Helen Park festival

A documentary DVD of 1982 Glen Helen Park festival will be released in september. The Police was there.

Stewart Copeland of The Police Reminisces About the ’82 US Festival: “We were sold on the idea of coming to this festival in that it would be the opposite of Woodstock. It’s absolutely comfortable, the grass is clean, the sound system is pristine. It was a really great experience, and the ‘US’ Festival was really the precursor to that. The idea that a festival isn’t misery. The Festival still resonates. It was not Woodstock. It should’ve been, considering the talent.”

Regarded as the Woodstock of the 80’s, the ‘US’ Festival captured the mindset of a culture on the cusp of a technology transformation. ICON Television Music, UNUSON and Plum Moving Media are pleased to announce the only authorized and sanctioned documentary revealing the bands, fans and organizers who brought Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak’s rock festival to life.

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