Dominic Miller tour

Please note all European tour dates of the Dominic Miller Band in May.

05/05/2012 Altes Pfandhaus, Cologne, Germany
06/05/2012 Ueffilo, Gioia del Colle, Italy
07/05/2012 Moody’s Jazz Club, Foggia, Italy
08/05/2012 606 Jazz Club, London, UK
09/05/2012 Gugg, Braunau, Austria
10/05/2012 The Place, Rome, Italy
11/05/2012 Portico della Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Italy
12/05/2012 Bravo Caffe, Bologna, Italy
23/05/2012 Guitarworld Festival, Kaluga, Russia
29/05/2012 Antique Theatre, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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