ContactMusic reported the following: “Robert Downey Jr was thrilled to discover he’d be working with his hero Stingon the set of his new movie because it would give him the chance to personally thank the rocker for helping him through his prison experience. Sting is the executive producer of the actor’s new film, A guide to recognising your saints, and was thrilled to learn his music had been instrumental in Downey Jr’s survival in jail in 2000. The actor paid a public tribute to Sting when both men appeared on US talk show Ellen on 27 September 2006), explaining, “Your album, Brand New Day, came out and it was just so strange because it was never really a brand new day (for me); it was the same day all over again. “But that helped me so much because it was such a beautiful and hopeful album.” During their appearance on the show, the actor also revealed he once served Sting tea in New York – something the rocker has no recollection of: “I used to have coffee every morning below my apartment in West Broadway in Soho… It was called Central Falls and this boy was my waiter.” Downey Jr recalled, “You just asked me for peppermint tea and I almost passed out… It was thrilling. “It’s still unnerving because he (Sting) can be very exacting with the breakfast orders.””
Source: ContactMusic

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