Sting was at the Earthday 2010 rally in Washington. He performed “Fragile”, “Driven to Tears”, “One World not three”, “Message in a Bottle”.
“This is like a ‘Green Tea Party’ out there,” Sting told CNN’s Don Lemon Sunday about the Earth Day climate rally taking place in the nation’s capital. “People who care. People who care about clean water and fresh air for their children to breathe. Food that doesn’t kill you. A better planet. A safer planet. And it is a tea party movement”.

You can view the rather hypocrite interview (most wealthy alarmists are advocating policies for the masses that they themselves will NEVER adhere to, while court papers do show Trudie forced her chef to travel 100 miles to prepare a bowl of pasta) below:

Clicking on more, you will also get the full transcript of that TV interview.

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