imageAs we reported many months ago, Stewart Copeland has documented the history of his former group The Police in a new film entitled “Every stores: The Police inside out”. It will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah at the end of the month. The film features Super 8 movie footage Copeland shot from the band’s early days in the mid-1970s through to the early 1980s. Stewart told Billboard magazine he’s more than a little nervous about fans of The Police seeing the film: “My little toy escapes from the playpen and becomes a monster.” He admits that visiting his past brought many thoughts to mind: “It’s very cheerful… (but) I put my camera down the last year or two. I felt like I should be living it instead of shooting it.” Copeland says his former bandmates have seen the documentary and “are very keen on it”.
For more details on this movie, visit Stewart’s official website. Soon a full review will be posted.
Source: StingUs & ContactMusic

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