Beyond the new Andy Summers release “First You Build A Cloud”, the month of October will also see the re-release of two back catalogue Andy titles, with bonus tracks:

[b]Green Chimneys[/b]
image1.Green Chimneys
3.Brilliant Corners
4.Monk’s Dream
5.’Round Midnight
6.Bemsha Swing
7.Shuffle Boil
8.Boo Boo’s Birthday
10.Ugly Beauty
11.Think Of One
12 Light Blue/Rhythm-a-ning
13.Ruby My Dear

Bonus tracks:
14.Crepescule With Nellie
16.Off Minor
17.Ruby,My Dear (alternative version)

[b]Peggy’s Blue Skylight[/b]
image1.Boogie Stop Shuffle
2.Tonight At Noon
3.Reincarnation Of A Lovebird
4.Opus Three
5.Cumbria Jazz Fusion
6.Remember Rockefeller At Attica
7.Peggy’s Blue Skylight
8.Weird Nightmare
9.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Where Can A Man Find Peace
10.Free Cell Block F
11.Self Portrait In Three Colors
12.Myself When I Am Real

Bonus tracks:
13.East Coastin’
14.Fables Of Faubus
15.Noddin’ Yer Head Blues

imageAndy Summers and Ben Verdery have collaborated on “First You Build A Cloud”. This is a 13-track CD album by Andy with a unique collaboration with the highly acclaimed classical guitarist Ben Verdery.
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