imageGood news for The Police fans. Eberhard Schoener’s Flashback album is being re-released. This is quite literally the Police album you have never heard. Flashback is credited to Eberhard Schoener, but Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland, and Sting are so deeply involved as to make this a de facto collaboration.
Eberhard Schoener is a German director/musician who invited his friend Andy Summers to take part in a show he was creating. The Police had just formed, and were scuffling for gigs, so one day in early 1977 the trio went to Munich. What they encountered there was ?A multi media extravaganza of lasers, circus, rock, classical, and electronic music, with ballet dancers and a mime artist,? according to Sting?s liner notes.
When the stage appearances ended, work commenced on what would become Flashback. Flashback was released in 1978 on a small German label, and promptly disappeared. It has remained an obscure (and extremely rare) curio in the years since. But the album has finally seen the light of day as a CD through the efforts of the MIG label.

1. Trans-AmWhy
2. Don’t You Answer
3. Only The Wind
4. Powerslide
5. Flashback
6. Epilogue
7. Rhine-Bow
8. Loreley
9. Magma
10. Why Don’t You Answer (Remix L.T. Velvet)
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