As we reported earlier, the new cd entitled ”If On A Winter’s Night…” will be released on October 26, 2009 on the Deutsche Grammophon label. Some promotional cds are floating around already …

1 Gabriel’s Message (Trad. Arranged by Sting)
2 Now Winter Comes Slowly (Music by Henry Purcell, Lyrics by Elkanah Settle, Arranged by Sting)
3 A Soalin’ (Music and Lyrics by Paul Stookey, Tracey Batteast and Elena Mezzetti)
4 Balulalow (Trad. Arranged by Sting)
5 The Snow it Melts the Soonest (Trad. Arranged by Sting)
6 The Hounds of Winter (Music and Lyrics by Sting)
7 Cherry Tree Carol (Trad. Arranged by Jean Ritchie)
8 Lo How a Rose E’er Blooming (Music by Michael Praetorius, English Translation by Theodore Baker, Arranged by Sting)
9 The Burning Babe (Music by Chris Wood, Poem by Robert Southwell)
10 Lullaby for an Anxious Child (Music and Lyrics by Sting and Dominic Miller)
11 Christmas at Sea (Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson, Arranged by Sting and Mary MacMaster)
12 Cold Song (Music by Henry Purcell, Lyrics by John Dryden, Arranged by Sting)
13 There is No Rose of Such Virtue(Anon., Arranged by Sting)
14 Hurdy Gurdy Man (Music by Franz Schubert, Poem by Wilhelm M?ller, Translated and Arranged by Sting)
15 You Only Cross My Mind in Winter (Trad., Arranged by Sting)

In collaboration with the producer and arranger, Robert Sadin, “If On a Winter’s Night…” features traditional music of the British Isles as its starting point. Sting and guest musicians interpret a collection of songs, carols, and lullabies including The Snow it Melts the Soonest (traditional Newcastle ballad), A Soalin’ (traditional English “begging” song) Gabriel’s Message (14th century carol), Balulalow (lullaby by Peter Warlock) and Now Winter Comes Slowly (Henry Purcell). Other tracks include the traditional ballad “The Snow it Melts the Soonest”.
The CD will also feature Lullaby for an Anxious Child and The Hounds of Winter, as well as Hurdy Gurdy Man, a musical reworking and English translation (by Sting) of Der Leiermann from Schubert’s classic winter song-cycle Winterreise.
Following musicians contribute:
– Dominic Miller (guitar)
– Kathryn Tickell (fiddle and Northumbrian pipes)
– Julian Sutton (melodeon)
– Mary MacMaster (metal string Scottish harp)
– Daniel Hope (violin)
– Vincent Ségal (cello)
– Chris Botti and Ibrahim Maalouf (trumpet)
– Cyro Baptista and Bijan Chemirani (percussion)
– the Webb Sisters (vocals)
– Stile Antico (vocal ensemble)

According to what we know, a CD, CD/DVD deluxe edition, as well as a vinyl edition will be released. The DVD would in fact contain a live version of the Durham Cathedral performance.

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Source: Deutsche Grammophon, StingUs

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