Henry’s album “a croire que c’etait pour la vie” and his book “secret policeman” will be out on Tuesday April 25th. You can buy both items (with Paypal) by contacting Henry in person via [email]info@henrypadovani.com[/email]. Jean Henri Meunier has directed the 15 videos of the album, available soon on DVD. Jean Henri Meunier’s new movie “ici najac a vous la terre” is in the Cannes film festival official selection 2006. Henry wrote the music and they will climb the red carpeted stairs later on in May. The title song of the movie “ici najac” is on Henry’s CD. Important to know is that Sting, Stewart and Henry play on the same track on Henry’s CD (Welcome Home). So the original The Police line-up from the early beginning before Andy joined.
(Thanks Dietmar)

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