We are at present taking some holidays: means no time to listen to live recordings, no time to reply to detailed questions, and still no time to send newsletters out. However, we will be back in September with a long list of outstanding live recordings (so far almost every show has been made available), will hopefully send out newsletters again, and will start replying to all questions again. In the meantime, the website will be updated non-stop (thanks to OTE adsl connections on the Greek islands).

Regarding the past contest we had in June, StingUs-team shipped 5 parcels each containing 3 CDs (5 cds from Threepeace debute “Empire of the sun”, largely influenced by The Police, 5 cds from Threepeace 2nd CD “For the love of the Rastaman”, equally largely influenced by The Police, 5 cds from Gregg Kofi Brown’s “Together As One” featuring “Lullaby to an Anxious Child” (with Sting and Dominic Miller)) to following people:
Jean Quintin (France)
Alain Moraud (Spain)
Josh Groban (USA)
Christophe Mesier (Canada)
Elián González (Nicaragua)

And … a duo ticket for The Police live in Antwerp (Belgium) on 8th October 2007 has been hidden in one of the parcels!

Congratulations to the winners!

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