Human Rights Concerts to be released on DVD/CD

The films of all the “Human Rights Concerts” have been digitally restored and are to be released in 2013 in DVD, audio and digital formats. Three of the four films have never been available in any format since their one-time-only airing on TV – making the upcoming release all the more exciting.
The complete concert set will be released on a 6-disc DVD box-set in the Fall of 2013. The title of the box-set is “¡RELEASED!” and features Sting and The Police.
The DVD box-set will be released in:
– The World (except North America) by Eagle-Rock on Monday 28th October 2013
– USA & Canada by Shout! Factory on Tuesday November 5th 2013

There will also be CD versions of the music from the concerts released on the same dates. The audio release in the World outside North America will be a series of four individual CD sets – one for each of the four concerts. Presenting a total of 89 songs from the concerts.
The audio release in the USA & Canada will be a 2-disc CD – also titled “¡RELEASED!” – containing 30 highlight songs from the four concerts.

In addition to the 6-disc DVD box-set and companion CDs – a single-disc DVD – and corresponding 2-disc audio CD – featuring 30 highlights from the concerts will be available throughout the World (except North America) via Eagle-Rock. Both the DVD and the CD are titled “GET UP! STAND UP!”

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