ILLEGAL TALES CONTEST organised some weeks ago a contest whereby 2 lucky people could receive a copy of the brand new book “Illegal Tales – The Police & Sting, 1977-2005” by Giovanni Pollastri (foreword by Stewart Copeland). While the book is in Italian, it will undoubtedly arouse interest worldwide because of the in-depth analysis of how albums were created by The Police, as well as Sting. The knowledge that was passed on personally by Sting, Stewart and Andy to Giovanni Pollastri has been carefully brought together by this author.

The lucky winners are Gary Bowskill and Kerstin Baramsky who have been contacted by now.

The answers to the questions were as follows:
* Stewart made the soundtrack to a smashing detective TV series. What was the name of this Jaguar driving detective?
Answer: Edward Woodward plays Robert McCall, the Equalizer
* Stewart made one record entirely on his own under another name, playing all instruments. Looking closely to the LP cover (back-side), one could discover the actual guy behind the album. How?
Answer: Produced by KK and NIGEL GRAY at SURREY SOUND studios on A&M RECORDS, Photographed by LYNN GOLDSMITH, Stewart appears on the CD version disguised in a mask, while on the original LP cover, a picture of the KK recording studio features pictures of the Police.

We must admit that we were very flexible with the replies received for the second answer.


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