imageThe official Sting fanclub DVD is presented, and… either you like it or you don’t but there is not much interesting on it if you ask us, apart from the soundcheck section that is being backed by some rehearsal tunes that didn’t make it into the set during the tour. Rather disappointing if one knows that many DVDs float around with entire Sacred Love concerts in outstanding quality … and we are not talking about amateur shot videos.

This is what announced:
The DVD comprises of three main categories – “Sting”, “Band” and “Photos”.

Sting section:
– Chapter 1: the book signings Sting did during the promotion of “Broken Music”.
– Chapter 2: The opening show of the tour in Miami.
– Chapter 3: The Musicares event and features excerpts into several of the Sting songs performed that night by the likes of John Mayer, Dave Matthews and Elton John.
– Chapter 4: Sting joined by the Black Eyed Peas both on stage in Germany and in the studio where Sting is put on the spot and finds he has to write some new lyrics for ‘Englishman In New York’ an hour before he is due to record with the band!
– Chapter 5: Footage from several events including Sting’s workshop at Newcastle College and the Variety Club dinner and we join Sting’s brother Phil as he takes Sting’s best friend – Simon – on a tour of Wallsend.

Band section:
Devoted to previously unseen band member interviews and performance footage. Rhani and Keith jam together, Donna and Joy ready themselves in the dressing rooms out in Japan, Kipper demonstrates his portable studio, Jason is joined by Herbie Hancock and talks about his input to the show and Dominic and Sting play chess with Dominic taking obvious glee from Sting’s confession that he seems to be losing most of his games to his ‘right-hand man’.

Photos section:
Several photo gallery slide shows, all set to music, set out in four chapters:
– “Show”
– “Soundcheck”
– “A Day In The Life”
– “Rainforest Benefit Rehearsals”

Sting Fan Club DVD Trailer [Free Preview].

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