imageAngelo Canelli, an Italian jazz piano player recorded a CD about the music of Sting entitled “Angelo Canelli plays the Music of STING”. The Cd contains songs as Fragile, I was brought to my senses, Children’s crudsade, if you love somebody…, Be still my beating heart, Moon over Bourbon street, Walking on the moon, et.
The musicians featured on the album are: Jason Marsalis on drums (Branford Marsalis’ brother), Jason Stewart and Maurizio Rolli on bass, Diana Torto on vocals and many other.
The tracklist is:
1. Fragile (Sting)
2. Children’s crusade (Sting)
3. Saint Augustine in hell (Sting)
4. If you love somebody set them free (Sting)
5. Dienda (K. Kirkland)
6. Still my beating heart (Sting)
7. I was brought to my senses (Sting)
8. Walking on the moon (Sting)
9. Moon over Bourbon Street (Sting)
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