imageSting recorded a video for the song “Lullaby to an anxious child” with the artist Gregg Kofi Brown and the Italian band “Novecento”. The band also produced the entire album with the collaboration of the artist Gregg. The video will be released in September 2005. Part of the video was recorded in Tuscany at Sting’s house and another part in the UK.
More information about the producers can be found at

For the die hard fans amongst us, a contest might enable you to win this CD. StingUs has been kindly provided with 10 copies. The question is the following: Novecento, “Grand Gala du Disc”of 28 September 1993, and Sting, what is the exact common denominator? The answer has to be complete and clearly explain the relation between all the mentioned elements. Participating can till 31 August, 2005 ONLY by sending your answer using the contact form. Good luck! The lucky winners will be announced on 1 September, 2005. A hint: the webmaster of StingUs is related with the origin of the common denominator …

You can buy the CD via US | GER | UK.

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