Milling About with Andy Summers

Andy Summers joins host Robin Milling to discuss his documentary Can’t Stop Losing You: Surviving The Police, which he’d prefer to think of as the working title. He tells Robin it should be called One Train Later named for his memoir which chronicles Andy’s journey through life as a musician.
Andy says his memories of The Police were pretty much in tact but had to be jarred through photographs he took, books about the band to get the facts straight, and listening to live tracks of the band in the background for inspiration.
In the documentary and the memoir Andy is undeniably the former guitar player for The Police and the footage is all there from the interviews and backstage rivalries, to the 2007 reunion; but he is also a father, an accomplished photographer, and the front man for a new band Circa Zero he describes as edgy contemporary rock.
When?: Mon, November 12, 2012 10AM ET

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