imageSting will release later this year (autumn 2006) an album featuring compositions from John Dowland (1563 – 1626), entitled “Songs from the Labyrinth”. The album will be released on 16 October on the Deutsche Grammophon label.
Special thing is that the songs were recorded, playing the lute, together with Edin Karamazov, a Bosnian lute player. A charismatic player, Edin Karamazov has received universal praise in the USA and Europe for his thrilling solo recitals; he has performed with leading international early music ensembles. His commitment to exploring the importance of plucked instruments in different cultures breaks down barriers and ranges across nations.
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(Source: Naxos, Deutsche Grammophon, Evening Chronicle, StingUs)

Tracklist is as following:
Sting – Songs from the Labyrinth
Music by John Dowland
JOHN DOWLAND (1563-1626)
1. Walsingham [0?38]
Ballad setting for lute; Poulton no. 672
2. She excuse my wrongs? [2?36]
The Earl of Essex?s Galliard; First Booke of Songes, 1597, no. 53
3. ?Ryght honorable: as I have bin most bounde unto your honor …” [0?40]
Letter to Sir Robert Cecil, Nuremberg, 10 November 1595

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