New Andy Summers CD

As posted on StingUs forum: For those who read the news about Andy Summers’ new album produced by him and with the voice of Brazilian singer Fernanda Takai…Here are some recent details:
Andy Summers met Fernanda Takai ( a great voice and singer of Brazil) during the recording of DVD “UK Kingdom of Ipanema” (Roberto Menescal introduced Fernanda to Andy and she performed some on the documentary). Then two years after, Andy Summers invited Fernanda Takai to Los Angeles for recording some tracks with his compositions thinking on Takai’s voice (a mixing of Bossa Nova and Pop) the result was Andy produced and entire album with all his compositions with Fernanda Takai at voice, Marcos Suzano (percussion), Abraham Laboriel Senior (bass)and Andy Summers on guitar. It will be record at Andy’s studios in Santa Monica – California. The album will be launched at the first semester by “DECK” in Brazil, Japan, USA and some European countries.
CD will be launched in June, the recordings are now being mixed. Songs will be in English and Portuguese written by Andy and translated in portuguese by Zélia Duncan, John Ulhoa and Fernanda Takai…also a bonus track will be available for the Japanese version. A special website will also be launched. (Thanks Jose!)

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