imageVicente Amigo, the guitarist who cooperated with Sting’s “Send your love” on the album “Sacred Love” returns in 2005 with his fifth solo record. “Un momento en el sonido” comes with bulerías, soleá, farruca, taranta, tangos, rumba, zapateado and bolero, in a record that the guitarist himself describes as being very serious and as having a strong flamenco character. It features the participation of Tino di Geraldo, Joan Albert Amargós and the cantaores (flamenco singers) Antonio Villar and “Potito”, who were chosen by Vicente Amigo for their “purity, not for the marketing of names”. With this record the guitarist, who was born in Seville but whose training was in Córdoba, dedicates some time to his work as a soloist again, after having spent several years touring and taking part in other people’s records, such as the one that he recorded with El Pele.

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