imageItaly welcomes a new book dedicated to The Police & Sting music: “Illegal Tales – The Police & Sting 1977-2005”. This masterpiece was written by Giovanni Pollastri, a long time Italian fan of the band since the early days of the British trio, and has been released on April 23rd 2005.
Giovanni is a point of reference for Italian fans for “all things Police and Sting” in his country, and was asked by Ezio Guaitamacchi, a leading name in the Italian music communication and media industry, to write a book dedicated to the discography of the band in order to complete a series of music books that include names such as Neil Young and Bob Dylan.
“I wanted to write about three musicians, not about three rockstars!” Giovanni says, and this is definitely what you can feel reading “Illegal Tales”, where all your curiosities and questions about the band discography can really be satisfied.
Giovanni continues syaing that he “tried to go deep into the heart of every record and every single song, telling how the band felt while recording, how they lived those days and how they ended up becoming one of the most succesful pop-rock band on the planet though their music”.
Starting from “Outlandos D’Amour” up to “Sacred Love” the author brings the reader through the journey that covers 28 years of music by Sting, Stewart and Andy, even though the post-Police discography is represented mainly by Sting releases. A couple of chapters are devoted respectively to Stewart Copeland and Andy solo records, with an updated comprehensive list of their releases.
“I think this book can be interesting for avid Police fans and collectors as well as the ‘general public’ that likes reading about three good musicians, even thought they might not be considered fans; this is why I decided to avoid talking about hundreds of side projects, focusing on the official Police and Sting full lenght records. A few final chapters show a few minor recordings such as the official live album by the Police, the box set, ‘Brimstone’ soundtrack and compilations.”
Backed by “the hands and tales” of Sting, Stewart and Andy themselves, with whom Giovanni is always in touch, we can be sure that these “Illegal Tales” got a “certificate of guaranteed quality”, and to prove it, we can read the name of Stewart Copeland as the author of the foreword that opens the book.
And we are proud to announce that got a special mention in the introduction chapter, can we ask for more? Well maybe yes, we hope that one day this piece of art will be released in English as well.

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