Nigel Gray was claimed to have posted following message on Ian Copeland’s message board.
“Winter is here but its still nice and mild though we are experiencing a bitof a blow from the mistral winds blowing off the coast of France. Well I hope you have all been well and I do apologise for not popping in sooner but I have been terribly busy working on a rather exciting project which I touched upon in my last visit, which was June I do believe! My how the months fly by, where has the year gone? Anyway as an exclusive to you I can reveal 2005 will see the opening of the musical based around songs by Sting and The Police. Its premiere will be in Paris and at this stage we are looking at an April start. The musical will be called “A Sting in the tale” and we are just about to start auditions. I cannot reveal the storyline at this point for obvious reasons however I can say its a comedy set in the 17th century! So you can see it really is going to be totally unique in every way. Now, remember that mixing desk we talked about and how I was looking for a new owner for it!? Well I’m glad I’m delighted to say it will feature as a major prop in the production! In fact it will be part of a horse drawn carriage/mobile recording studio. I wish I could show you the drawings of how the prop will look, you will have to wait till the production website is launched in January as there will be information and pictures on their. That’s all my news for now, I shall keep you all updated on this wonderful project.”
We received confirmation that Nigel Gray firmly denies having posted this article, as such this is a hoax and the musical will NOT happen.

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