The readers of the Belgian De Standaard newspaper couldn’t believe their eyes when yesterday’s edition featured a quote in which Daan Stuyven, singer of the belgian acts Daan and Dead Man Ray, declares that he has built a party on the death of the victims fallen in the WTC disaster on September 11th, 2001. Stuyven: “When the first plane hit the WTC tower I thought ‘ finally!’ and got some beer (…) the americans got what they deserved.” The first reactions from people we showed the words was of disbelief. We quote Angie S. from New York: “I can’t believe that an artist like Stuyven can be such an absolute idiot. If this is his way of being a ‘tough’ guy, shame on him. Hundreds of innocent people died there and he is just thinking how he can celebrate… sick bastard!” The full quote in De Standaard can be found here.
Source: Side-Line

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