imageThe new CD “Rogue’s Gallery – Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys” features 2 songs by Sting, namely: Blood Red Roses (disc 1 – track 13) and Shallow Brown (disc 2 – track 16). Film director Gore Verbinski, actor Johnny Depp and music producer Hal Willner joined forces with ANTI RECORDS for this two-CD set. The idea originated when Verbinski and Depp were working on their second film together, the Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.
Asked about the Sting contribution “Blood Red Roses,”producer Hal Willner says, “He was totally natural for this subject. He comes from Newcastle. He grew up hearing these things–it’s interesting how you hear a lot of little Beatles melodies in these songs. You know, Liverpool was a big port, and Australia and Maui and Cape Cod. Sting grew up with a lot of these songs, as did John C. Reilly. So he just came over to the studio, I gave him some songs and he just jumped into the process.”
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