According to Product Placement News, Sting’s shave before the Police’s final song at Madison Square Garden has put John Allan and his ‘grooming clubs’ on the map. As Sting sits in a barber chair, two women begin shaving his beard while a third manicured on his nails. The whole setup (including the women) were from John Allan, a men’s grooming club with locations in New York and Chicago. The event was an effective way for the company to get the message across that its product worked under even the most stressful of conditions, said the founder. According to Billboard, the Police were introduced to the John Allan service by Charlie Hernandez, the act’s tour production manager.
Male professionals from all industries stop by John Allan’s to get a haircut with all the trimmings. The ambience is old-fashioned clubhouse, all dark wood and leather. There’s even a pool table in one corner, shoeshine stands in another, rows of comfy loungers and cigar and massage rooms in back. Drinks are served and you’re free to lounge around after your treatment.
“At John Allan’s Club, you don’t just get a haircut here: The reasonably priced Full Service package also includes a scalp massage, hot towel face wash, manicure and shoeshine. Beard trims and facial or body massages of various lengths are also available, along with a branded line of products. As you relax in your chair while one staff member cuts you hair and another massages and manicures your hands, you’ll feel like quite the king.” as quoted on New York Citysearch.

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