Sting and Trudie are soon to hold an exhibition of photos taken over the 20 years their Rainforest Foundation has been operating. According to their press release “each of the prints will be available for sale as a limited edition and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by Sting… Rainforests now cover only 6% of the earth’s land surface, and are still being decimated. There is a real and imminent danger of this destruction reaching the point of no return, yet still we ignore all the warning signs. For the sake of the indigenous communities who live in the forests and protect them, and for the sake of all humanity, it’s time for individuals, industries and governments to start putting the Earth first.”
However, it was exactly Trudie Styler who defended her decision to fly a beauty expert from New York to Washington, D.C. on a private jet — to look after her hair and make-up for a White House dinner in May 2009. Equally, Sting and Trudie Styler have invited a group of friends on an all-expenses-paid luxury holiday to Tuscany and are spending thousands of pounds flying a group of 20 friends to their five-star Italian retreat.

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