SharePoint hosting and webhosting solutions

Choosing the correct web hosting for your website is as important as getting a website designed and ready for online consumption. Not every provider will deliver you unlimited bandwidth, support for PHP,, RubyOnRails, MySQL, MSSQL, ODBC and so on. And what about a near to 100% uptime guarantee? Thee is lots involve when choosing our hosting partner.

We checked a few services and will review the best ones. A provider like SherWeb is a pretty good example of how a hosting provider should be run. This provider offers Hosted Exchange (including 3GB mailboxes), SharePoint hosting (with unlimited users) and Web Hosting solutions for companies and professionals and this starting at just US$ 7.5 per month for web hosting to professional dedicated servers for professional online web presence. All the different packages are well documented and will make it very easy for you to consider what should be your ideal solution.

Microsoft addicts will be pretty pleased to learn that SherWeb offers Microsoft SharePoint hosting. Not only that, the company is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has a service provider licensing agreement.

So what about the technical support? Because, let’s face it, lots of web hosting companies lack that special extra called ‘support’ if technical at all. SherWeb counts on its team of qualified technicians to deliver that service that you really want. Add to that the the company can rely on a premium data center (Montreal). Add to this excellent price/quality packages and you should sense already that they have succeeded in charming us.

Have a look, check their packages, contact them for a quote and let us know what you think of their service !

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