imageOn May 9, 1945, a virtual skeleton of a concentration camp survivor handed some U.S. troops a crumpled note carrying a message neither they nor the world wanted to hear. During a World War II internment in the notorious Mauthausen camp in Austria, Simon Wiesenthal had secretly kept a list of the Nazis who ran it. “There is nothing more important for you to see,” Wiesenthal said, pressing the first of what would be his long lists of Nazi murderers upon the bewildered soldiers who thought him too frail to live.
60 years later, on 20 September 2005, Simon Wiesenthal died aged 96 in his Vienna home. He was head of the Jewish Historical Documentation Centre, which he established in Austria after the Second World War to search for Nazi war criminals and to collect evidence against them.
A great and noble person, StingUs-team would like to pay hommage by this article.

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