imageSting is convinced the CD/LP Song From The Labyrinth will be a commercial failure because it’s so obscure. Sting insists he had to make it though because his instinct told him to. He revealed this in an interview with Britain’s BBC Music Magazine: “If I told you I was doing a Dowland record to make money, you’d shoot me. I did it out of love, I did it out of curiosity, a sense of adventure. I can’t really explain why. My instinct told me it was right for me. If people like it, the public or the critics, then that’s the cream on the cake for me.”
In between the songs on the album Sting reads extracts from a letter written by the medieval lute player to help his fans understand the history behind the compositions. He said: “I wanted to try and present the music with a context that might help my fans.”
Sting describes the new CD as “a modest little addendum to my career, I can’t imagine hearing it on rock radio,” adding he is now “fired up to write my own music again. I’ve immersed myself in this other man’s songs for two years, and it’s time to dust off my pen.” What happens when the dust settles remains to be seen, and heard. “I don’t really follow any logical agenda except, I suppose, to take risks and follow my instincts. And luckily, people have learned to trust my instincts. They think, ‘Whatever he’s doing, maybe it will work.’ ”
Source: BBC and USA Today

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