As we announced some months ago, a special edition of ‘Songs from the Labyrinth’, Sting’s personal tribute to late 16th-century Elizabethan composer, John Dowland (1563-1626), will be released by Deutsche Grammophon this autumn. In addition to the original album of music, this new version features three bonus tracks including Sting’s own ‘Fields of Gold’ and ‘Message in a Bottle’, which he performs with Edin Karamazov on lute, as well as a special, live version of Robert Johnson’s ‘Have You Seen the Bright Lily Grow’, recorded in New York in September 2006.

The release dates are as following:
Australia – Currently Available
Belgium – 14 October
France – 10 November
Germany – September
Greece – 8 September
Hong Kong – 19 September
Italy – October
Japan – November
Malaysia – End of September/Beginning of October
Singapore – 15 September
South Korea – September
UK – 10 November
USA – 16 September

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