Well, Reuters staff seems to read also forums, as they found Stewart’s posting on last Wednesday’s concert performance on his official website and made it a major article:
Police drummer Stewart Copeland has launched his own review of the band’s triumphant reunion concert, but has labeled the shows so far as “unbelievably lame.” On Thursday, Copeland posted a harsh review of the band’s first two concerts on his website. The Police kicked off their world tour in Vancouver this week, and have played two shows to crowds of more than 20,000 fans. The drummer described Wednesday’s show at the GM Place arena as “unbelievably lame,” and further stated “we are the mighty Police and we are totally at sea.” However, many of the fans at the concert might not have noticed the things that set Copeland off – since they could be considered small problems (such as Copeland tripping when he got on the stage or banging his gong at the wrong time) at best. Other problems that Copeland complains about included not hearing the opening riff to “Message in a Bottle,” and Sting mishearing Copeland’s drum intro. He described the band as being “half a bar out of sync with each other. Andy is in Idaho.” He was also harsh about the band’s performance on “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” and “Don’t Stand So Close To Me.” Copeland also took a shot at Sting stating: “The mighty Sting momentarily looks like a petulant pansy instead of the god of rock.” In the post, Copeland predicted more problems as the tour continues and explained: “It usually takes about four or five shows in a tour before you get to the disaster gig. But we’re The Police so we are a little ahead of schedule.”

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