Stewart Copeland says that for 20 years, he resisted approaching Sting about getting their band back together. “I always knew that `the Police’ is just something that makes him uncomfortable,” Copeland said in February. “He’s my friend, and he brought so much beauty into my life that I don’t want to cloud his world. Unlike other bands that broke up and refused to play together, we all like each other,” he said. “The rehearsals were surprisingly arduous,” said Copeland, 54, who has focused on composing music for film and TV in recent years. “We all had to remember how to fit ourselves together, and it took a while.” He says he was pleased with the results. “I think I’m in better shape as a player now than I was back then,” he said. “For one thing, I practice now.” He says his band mates have improved in the time apart, too. “Particularly Andy,” he said. “We didn’t use to let him play solos because he tended to noodle, and so we always beat him up until he came up with a really cool part. Now, I don’t know what kind of vitamins he’s been taking, but he’s really hot.” “I tell you one thing I’m not going to do is say to Sting, `Hey Sting, got a new song?'” Copeland said. “That guy has given me so many songs, five albums’ worth of songs to work with. … He’s given me more than probably I deserve. If he comes up with them, great, terrific. But I’m not even going to hint. I’m not even going to look hungry.”
Source: San Jose Mercury News

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