imageSting and the veteran actress Jean Simmons are on a list of prominent figures who have written to Tony Blair urging him to keep cannabis as a class C drug following last week’s exclusive report in The Independent on Sunday that the Prime Minister was planning a U-turn to toughen up penalties for its use.
The governor of Brixton prison, former Spandau Ballet member Gary Kemp and Mark Oaten, the Liberal Democrat MP, as well as doctors and drug experts have also signed a letter warning against a toughening-up of policy on the drug, which was officially downgraded last January. They are backing a campaign by Release, which provides support for people with drug problems, to keep cannabis in a lower category.
Source: Independent News and Media Limited
Note: While StingUs-team is fully aware of the beneficial effects that cannabis has e.g. for people with MS, it does recommend that Mr Sting has a quick look at the following website that summarises the Cannabis-related health risks and understands that in most cases cannabis is not used for health reasons, but rather for other reasons …

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