Sting and Gap Daemon Help Get an Englishman to New York for an Innovative Education Programme Using Apple iPads

Gap Daemon and Sting have teamed up to sponsor an innovative new approach to teaching music in schools through the use of Apple iPads.
Neil Johnston, founder of Store Van Music, is an educational entrepreneur and is living evidence that private investment in education can generate positive benefits for students. Neil first began using Apple’s technology in teaching eighteen months ago and this led to a dedicated series of music lessons using the iPad. The result was an instant success (and You Tube hit), engaging students in an exciting new medium that was compelling and instantly gratifying and effective.
However Neil’s plans to take this format to a wider audience in the USA were suffering from a myopic view by potential investors until Gap Daemon and Sting stepped in. Their joint sponsorship has ensured this innovative tour of schools from LA to New York can go ahead, and thousands of teenage students will now be able to benefit first hand from Neil’s innovative approach to teaching.
Sting expressed his view on Store Van Music and their work, “I’m impressed with Store Van Music’s efforts…their use of studio as classroom and technology as teacher is exactly what we need to maintain music lessons as a vital part of the curriculum.”
Source: Gap Daemon

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