Nicole Scherzinger and Sting recently recorded the ballad “Power’s Out” together for her debut solo album “Her Name is Nicole”. below video features this song, and well, mmmm, you can judge for yourself what the musical and artistic qualities of this song are.
Nicole does think that Sting is “hot” and insists his wife Trudie Styler is a “lucky woman.” “Sting is so sweet. I think there are a lot of hot English men. I just love the accent. His wife’s a lucky woman.”
The 29-year-old star is so smitten with the “Roxanne” singer she even has a photograph of them in the studio as the screensaver on her computer. “I know it’s a bit dorky to have that picture on my computer, but I got to sing a duet with Sting – that is so cool!”
“Her Name is Nicole” is set for release next month, and also features collaborations with Kanye West, Akon and Pharrell Williams.

The following is part of an interview Nicole did with METRO:
[b]You?ve got so many collaborations. You even have a duet with Sting. I?m so jealous! How did that one come about?[/b]
Jimmy Iovine actually was like, I could hear Sting on this.? I was like, ?Yeah, Sting?s gonna do this.? The next day, an amazing label team of people who believe in me and who helped see my vision through? He was there, in the studio! (Laughs)
[b]Was it surreal?[/b]
It was so surreal. He?s probably the sexiest, most beautiful person that I?ve ever worked with. I was so nervous around him, I didn?t know how to act! (Laughs) It was cool.
[b]Are you a Police fan? Did you see them in concert?[/b]
I didn?t get to ?cos I was so busy, but I really wanted to. Yeah, I?m a Police and Sting fan.
[b]Will Sting join you on stage?[/b]
That song is so special. That song is going to be for a special occasion. Some amazing awards show?
[b]Like the Grammys?[/b]
I can see it! And it?s going to be real simple, just two people connecting in a song.

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