Sting has used his latest visit to Brazil to urge the government there to listen to the concerns of indigenous peoples over a proposed new hydro-electric dam in the Amazon. He was speaking at a press conference in Sao Paulo -ahead of his concert- where he was reunited with indigenous leader Raoni Metyktire who joined him in a similar campaign 20 years ago which attracted worldwide attention. Indigenous tribes in the Amazon say the Belo Monte project, which would be the third largest hydro-electric dam in the world, poses a threat to their way of life.

Sting said Brazil was in the front line of the fight against climate change and it was even more important now to listen to the voices of those who live there than it had been 20 years ago.
In the earlier campaign, Sting and Chief Raoni toured many parts of the world in opposition to a hydro-electric project on the Xingu River in the Amazon. It proved to be an attention-grabbing combination of a rock star standing alongside the striking figure of an indigenous leader whose lower lip is expanded several centimetres by a traditional plate, a trademark of his tribe.
Source: BBC

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