As grasped from The Guardian website: I write to express heartfelt concern for the financial status of Sting. Staycationing in the North-East, my wife and I visited Newcastle’s traditional Sunday morning Quayside Market on Sunday 13th September where we spotted Sting accompanied by a cameraman, sound recordist and producer/director moving amongst the masses. The group stopped to listen attentively to a splendid operatic “busker”, and for Sting to be filmed so doing. So moved was he that when the aria was over he turned to the producer/collector for some coins to proffer to the singers hat – again being filmed – well, being filmed dropping the coins in the hat, but not being filmed cadging said coins.
This raises concern. Has the credit crunch impacted so deeply on the Sting household that Trudie has stopped Sting’s pocketmoney/allowance? Or, have Trudie and Sting at last attained regal status, such that, like our own dear Queen, they do not feel obliged to carry money? We should be told.
Alas, there is further circumstantial evidence to support the former, in as much as a visit to Durham Cathedral on the Tuesday resulted in a further sighting of Sting, wearing exactly the same clothes as two days earlier!


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