Sting and Trudie attended the launch of “the Bag Issue” at the House of St Barnabas in London. Trudie Styler has been patron of the Mukti charity for 10 years. Mukti has been working with the orphanage Karm Marg to provide us with The Bag Issue. The Karm Marg orphanage was set up in 1997 to give disadvantaged kids in India shelter, care, medical support and education, plus the skills and knowledge to create an income and build them a better future – hence The Bag Issue bags. The bags are 100 per cent recycled and made from elephant dung. The children at Karm Marg have created their own label for the bags: ‘Jugaad’, which means “something made from nothing”. Jugaad gives the children a chance to be creative, learn new skills and pick up ideas about business.
The bags are manufactured at the homes of workers in the local village, women who live on subsistence smallholdings and rely on this employment.
Available from December 19 for £2.99 plus postage and packaging.
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