imageWe warn you, they are not cheap, but in case you would like to have some Il Palagio Products, you can order them via
They sell:
– Il Palagio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Made from a subtle blend of Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, Coratina and Leccio del Corno olives, this extra virgin olive oil has a wonderful soft texture, with a sweet aftertaste. Due to the careful harvesting and processing of the olives, this oil has a very low acidity level of around 0.2%, whereas most olive oils have an acidity level of 0.5% to 0.99%.
– Il Palagio Organic Acacia Honey – Miele di Acacia: A silky textured, golden honey. The white acacia flower is well known for its strong scent, which is translated into this honey’s sweet flavour and aroma. This unique taste makes it fantastic on toast.
– Il Palagio Organic Chestnut Honey – Miele di Castagna: A vibrant red honey, it has an intense aroma with a subtle bitter aftertaste. This beautifully powerful flavour is suited to accompany cheese and other savoury foods.
– Il Palagio Organic Honeydew Honey – Miele di Abete: A radiant golden amber, this honey contains all the nectar essences of local flowers found in the Apennines and on the hills, giving it a delicate blend of flavours and smells. It is perfect to sweeten your tea, yoghurt or muesli.
Source: Savoria

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