The Sun had this to say today:
Guy Ritchie has been comforted over his rocky marriage to Madonna by Sting and Trudie Styler. Guy is believed to have spent several nights at Police frontman Sting’s sprawling country estate. And he has been spotted with the singer’s wife Trudie at a nearby pub. Local Sandra Peacock said: “They were drinking what looked like shandy, and were talking in hushed tones. “Guy looked upset and Trudie appeared to be comforting him. “They had a couple of drinks and were talking for ages. It looked quite serious stuff.”
It was Sting, 56, and Trudie, 53, who introduced Madonna to Guy at a dinner party at their house in London in 1998. They were guests of honour when the couple wed in a Scottish castle two years later. Film director Guy, 39, and pop queen Madonna, 49, have often visited the couple in Great Durnsord, Wilts – seeing the mansion as a sanctuary because of its seclusion and 24-hour security. Their seven-year marriage is in crisis over homesick Madonna’s desire to return permanently to New York.
She is currently in the city, renovating a huge apartment and rehearsing for a US tour. Guy is said to want to remain in Britain, seeing it as a better environment for their three kids. He is set to fly out to New York for last-ditch talks. Both Guy and Madonna are believed to have already consulted lawyers.
Source: The Sun

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