Picture by Janine BeachamThis is a transcript from a PM interview that was broadcasted around Australia on Radio National and on ABC Local Radio. The interview was recorded on Tuesday, 8 February, 2005. The reporter was David Weber.

PAUL LOCKYER: The rock star, Sting, has arrived in Australia for a performance to make his mark for tsunami victims. He’ll perform at a concert in the Margaret River region of Western Australia’s south-west, an event expected to raise $3-million. The multi-Grammy award-winning performer says the response to the tsunami has shown that humanity is really one big family. Fans are flying from around the world to attend the Sting concert. David Weber reports.

DAVID WEBER: At $150 a ticket, all three concerts are sell-outs. For the benefit gig, the State Government’s committed to matching all donations dollar for dollar. Sting says the total may end up even higher than $3-million.

STING: I’m told that modestly it may be $3-million and that’s been aided by the State Government matching us dollar for dollar and I’m told it could be even more than that but we’re not quite sure yet. But it is a reflection of the wonderful generosity and spirit of the people of Western Australia. I’m just doing my normal job. I’m just singing but this is about Western Australia.

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