According to, Josh Freese and other artists are already involved in Sting’s next studio album, which is supposedly taking place at Il Palagio.

Apparently also, this studio album will move away from the overproduced Brand New Day and Sacred Love concepts, and will go back to basics. The Broken Music tour apparently finally enlightened Sting’s musical taste, while the rather disappointing sales figures of his latest album further pressed for a musical change. Hence maybe also the reason why guitarist Lyle Workman will also be involved. Workman has been tapped to join Sting’s band which will be recording a new CD this fall in Italy. His first gig with Sting was a short set at “Live 8” in London, where they laid down Sting’s most rocking set in recent memory. To be continued…
Additional comment: strange to read this since Sting is apparently in the USA …

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