There would be a performance, it would be private and it was going to beheld Saturday night 5th of August on the beachfront property at 129 Boston Neck Rd. Just as the sun went down, Sting stepped out on the concert stage in the backyard of the Sandcastle-by-the-Sea mansion and faced a crowd of hundreds of ecstatic beachgoers. Guitar in hand, Sting immediately launched into “Message in a Bottle,” bringing people to their feet. On the water dozens of boats loaded with people bobbed. A half-moon hid behind clouds. Spectators waded, danced on beach blankets, and sang to the lyrics “a hundred billion bottles washed up on the shore.”
This was in fact a benefit concert for the “We Are the World Foundation” and a 40th-birthday bash for the Sandcastle’s owner, Joseph Healey, a hedge fund manager in New York City.
The benefit cocktail party confined to the lawn was by invitation only. But the concert was free to all on the beach.
The performance was organized by musician and producer Niles Rodgers as a benefit for the We Are Family Foundation, formed after Sept. 11 to promote tolerance among people from different backgrounds and cultures. The foundation holds one major fundraiser each year to raise money to build schools and provide educational supplies to needy children. Rodgers and Healey are friends.
Sting’s last song was “Fragile,” which he has dedicated in the past to a friend who died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
(Source: The Providence Journal)
You can see a small snippet of Sting performing Roxanne here.

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