imageModern Guitars Magazine has an interesting article (or rather press release) on how Martin Guitar has recently introduced several new models, including: the DC Trey Anastasio Signature; the Sting: Mini Signature Edition; the George Martin; Claire’s Guitar; the M3H Cathy Fink Custom Edition; the MC3H Marcy Marxer Custom Edition; and, the 000C David Gray Custom Edition.
It focuses on how Sting discovered a small acoustic treasure: the MiniMartin Size 5 “terz” guitar, and how he played an integral role in creating the Size 5 that now bears his name: Sting: Mini Signature Edition (list price: $3.999). It is almost completely built of sustainably harvested tone woods. Only 100 will be built.
Description: Size 5 (terz), back & sides of Solomon Padauk, top is western red cedar with scalloped 1/4″ braces, 45-style rosette, no pickguard, fine herringbone top trim, tortoise binding, straight bridge made of katalox (a dense hardwood, pronounced kat-a-losh), compensated bone saddle (2 1/4″ string spacing), white bridge pins with tortoise dots. Unique slight V neck shape, neck meets body at 12th fret, katalox fretboard (1 3/4″ nut and 21.4″ scale), long pattern diamond & squares inlays and Sting’s signature at the highest fret, Solomon padauk headplate with old style Martin decal, Martin nickel butterbean tuners. Gloss finish with vintage toner on top, dark mahogany stain on sides & back. Geib style case, Custom MSP4050 strings (guitar is tuned in “Nashville tuning”, a third above standard tuning with high octave basses). Two inside labels, one signed by C. F. Martin IV & Sting and numbered in sequence with edition total (100), the other with details of the sustainable wood content.

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